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Perfection is not a state of being, it's our journey through life… or something like that. This issue focuses on different perspectives on the ideal, the perfect, the accomplished – with astonishing results. Dive into an issue packed with dainty make-up, impeccable hair, youth of all ages and visions of a fantabulous future!


Innovative fashion, beauty trends, interviews, model superstars, the creative crème-de-la-crème: Name it, we have it. Issue #39 is packed with personalities and beauty editorials – all of which are FANTABULOUS. With contributions from Steeve Beckouet, Mattias Björklund, Thomas Cooksey, Irina Gavrich, Marie-Christine Gerber, Christine Hahn, Bryan Huynh, Stefan Indlekofer, Markus Jans, Joe Lai, Oliver Mark, Armin Morbach, Studio Peripetie, Baud Postma, Sabrina Theissen, Donna Trope and Armin Zogbaum. With Articles and Interviews by Hanna Klimpe, Susanne Opalka and Hedi Xandt and Illustrations by Russlan & Xandt.


Twice a year, TUSH presents articles and comments on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, design and the arts in a new, wider context on more than 300 pages in one issue. TUSH is an arena for the world‘s most creative photographers, hair and make-up artists, top models and art directors. Being independent, TUSH prefers to show what‘s precious and stylish to them, rather than blindly promoting the expensive. TUSH means bringing a great array of trends alive – in a most creative way. It is an inspirational compass fashioned by those, whose passion and profession is style. The magazine offers a journalistic approach with an always-stunning perspective, representing the fusion of fashion, hairstyling, cosmetics, products, design, crafts and individuals with art.


• 320+ pages

•four individual collector's covers

• coffee table book quality

• made and printed in Germany