Nailcolor: Public, EMILIE HEATHE, Suit: Nicomede


The beauty photography of the late 50s and early 60s became iconic, especially when nail and manicure were the focus. Angles, postures and lightning made „beauty“ appear like an arty object – Until today, the visuals by photographers like Irving Penn are shaping the industry’s aesthetics.
But: the palette was rather pale and monotonous – white skin, pearly or red nails, always visibly feminine models.

Together with beauty and jewellery brand Emilie Heathe we reinterpreted the the legendary cosmetic photography. By adding color and rethinking the cast, we elevated the timeless aesthetics into a modern, inclusive inspiration – made complete by Heathe’s nail polish palette.




Nailcolor: The Perfect Red, EMILIE HEATHE

Nailcolor: Goddess (coming soon), EMILIE HEATHE

The brand founder’s, Emily Rudman, vision is to beautify beyond the surface, to create meaningful objects and enable creativity and uniqueness.
From the arty packaging to the refined colours, from high performance to the clean ingredients: Beauty and jewellery brand Emilie Heathe is a modern icon itself. Pairing ultra refined design with up-to-date values, it embodies the Zeitgeist, combining luxury and consciousness perfectly.

Nailcolor: Big Night Out, EMILIE HEATHE

„Make-up is a way to tell everyone’s story, including your moods, inner beauty, and strength. It was also a way to showcase the best of yourself for yourself and for yourself alone,“ Emily Rudman, founder of Emilie Heathe, explains.

At Emilie Heathe, beautification goes beyond the surface: all products are vegan and not tested on animals. The polishes are 10-free and 1% of all sales goes to environmental organisations.

Nailcolors: Public, Goddess, The Perfect Red, Big Night Out, all EMILIE HEATHE

Nailcolor: Liquid Assets, EMILIE HEATHE

Coming soon: Goddess
Armin Morbach
Laura Dunkelmann
[Make-up ]
Marie Dausell
[Model ]
Jason Messanga / Le Management
[Styling ]
Simon Riepe
[Manicure ]
Vesna Pejak using Emilie Heathe
Hendrik Simon
[Photoassistants ]
Alex Craddock, Lissy Gollnik
Studio Reuter
November 14, 2020
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