The Clown of London Town


Get to know Cain The Clown and learn about his must-visits in London

Who supported you on your journey to self-acceptance and queer self-expression?
My friends and peers are always so inspiring to me, daily. Whether it’s the art they put out into this world or simply who they are as people and the way they navigate life. There’s a quote from a clown I try to adopt as much as I can: “Everything is important but nothing’s really very serious“. I try to apply this to how I express myself and my art. Putting joy back at the centre or why I do and don’t do things.

Which were your safe spaces growing up?
Growing up in the Midlands spaces (UK) where I felt I could 100% authentically – or at least begin exploring – who I was were pretty far and few between, that’s why it was almost like an avalanche of options when I moved to London when I was 18 and discovered the queer scene here.

What events or venues are particularly exciting to you in London right now?
I feel like the queer scene in London is taking it back to a more music-rooted and sound-centric formula for a night. Nights such as Feel It, Queer House Party, Body Movements Festival and my own, OUTHAUS, are putting good music at the forefront and letting that be the gateway to expression on the dancefloor.

Are there any new spots or hidden gems in London you’ve discovered?
When I’m not in the club, which is rare these days, I enjoy doing the complete polar opposite. You can often find me at Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday with eyeliner still under my eyes.

Are there any must-attend parties, shows, or community events?
It’s Pride Month so there is plenty for everyone in London now more than ever. I’m grateful to be included in the Beatport presents: Club Colours Exhibition, celebrating the faces and spirit of club culture within the LGBTQIA+ community, having one of my outfits on display. London Trans+ Pride is taking place on 27th July, starting at Trafalgar Square and arriving at Wellington Arch for an array of speeches from the community.

What are your personal recommendations for someone looking to experience the best of London’s LGBTQIA+ scene?
Treat yourself to a pick n’mix of the scenes, don’t put yourself in just one box from the get-go – variety is the spice of life, and helps you build up your chosen family. Venues like Dalston Superstore, The Divine and Electrowerks are institutions and a right of passage in helping you find your people.

You’re sober. How do you find support and community in a scene that often revolves around alcohol?
For me, it’s been all about redefining why I want to go out and why I want to work in a scene that can be so revolved around drugs and alcohol. Discovering that I’m not just in the club cause I want to get drunk and forget the outside world and that in fact, I want to bring the outside world into the club through my art has been the biggest crutch for me in finding my place in nightlife.

What advice would you give to other sober artists and performers looking to make their mark in the LGBTQIA+ nightlife scene?
Do things your way and don’t be afraid to redesign your idea of how your role in nightlife should look and feel. There is an incredible sober party called “House of Happiness“ that runs pretty much every other month. It’s queer-led and champions the fact you can enjoy good quality nightlife whilst still being sober. I’ve had some of my biggest pinch me moments on that stage and met some real friends for life.

What projects or performances are you currently working on?
We are full speed ahead into summer with OUTHAUS. It feels so good to be at our new venue, Lafayette’s in Kings Cross, while our residency at Sal Apolo in Barcelona is in full swing, we are a week away from our Pride in London party at the W London and cooking up something special in Amsterdam for Pride in August.

Creative Direction, Photography and Post Production Karen Stanley
Outfit Cameron Hancock and Cain
Styling/ Hair / Make – Up Cain
Interview Kiki Roloff

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