Danessa Myricks colorfix in Lift, Rainbow, and Lollipop

In the damp recesses and forgotten corners of our world: under an unassuming rock; creeping along the trunk of a tree; even in the back shelf of your fridge—there exists a profound and overlooked beauty. Here, we are celebrating the velvet spread of mold and the intricate lace of fungi to discover a kaleidoscope of surprising hues. Inspired by the electric greens, vivid oranges, and striking blues that adorn these mycelial colonies, these images attempt to capture these radiant pigments and delicate textures, born from the interplay of light and microscopic life. 

Shiseido synchro skin radiant lifting foundation in Opal
Danessa Myricks Colorfix in Primary Yellow and Carrot Top
Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Clear Colour Balm
Bumble and bumble Sumo Gel

Made By Mitchell eyeshadow in Keep Em Green

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette
Clear flower Jewelry: TETIER BIJOUX/Latex Pieces: ANOESES

Oribe Tres Set/Silver wire jewelry: YVMIN

Got2B Glued

Dior backstage concealer #2

Photography: Marta Skovro 

Creative Direction/Makeup: Cyler Says  

Hairstylist: Davey Matthew  

Wardrobe: Willyum Beck 

Manicure: Mikuri Taco 

Model: Nate Holian  with Muse NYC 

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