The first Monday of May has passed, bringing with it a highly anticipated event: the Met Gala, arguably the epicenter of tastemakers of our time. Naturally, we watched from home as attendees strode up the carpeted stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year’s dress code ought to be an homage to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld whose tenure at Chanel was not the only legacy he left behind. Now that the wait is over, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty looks, but brace yourselves, these MUAS are becoming as innovative as ever.


Doja Cat

Doja Cat via Instagram | @dojacat

To be perfectly honest, we would have been deeply disappointed if Doja Cat had not become Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cream-colored Burmese cat. Especially considering her name and penchant for extravagant and ornate beauty looks, which we saw in spades at the height of fashion week (think 30,000 red crystals for Schiaparelli). SFX artist Malina Stearns applied prosthetics to Doja Cat’s nose and upper lip, sculpting an even and wide bridge that was then painted by MUA Ernesto Casillas with Charlotte Tilburry’s entire arsenal of skincare and makeup products. Ultra-skinny brows as per usual, the iconic velvety nude „Pillow Talk“ on cheeks and lower lip, and a sleek and elongating cat eye. The hooded Oscar de la Renta gown with matching cat ears rounded up the look, emanating a Choupette-worthy entrance.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X via Instagram | @metgalaofficial

Another viral moment for Lil Nas X, who ditched the clothes and went for a full-on, bedazzled, and body-painted look. We still remain puzzled as to how the subsequent dinner was consumed, because MUA Pat McGrath quite literally covered it all. From rhinestones on lips and micro-beaded whiskers to a delightful, silver airbrushed backside. We hope Choupette is enjoying the view, from her upholstered and opulent chamber just as much as we do.

Jared Leto

Jared Let via Instagram | @metgalaofficial

Somewhere between Furrycon, the famous steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a presumably very damp interior, we find another larger-than-life version of Choupette. Worn by none other than Jared Leto, whose appearance was initially confusing given that he was barely recognizable, the actor quickly changed into a black, bedazzled cape and let his long mane cool off. There definitely is a common theme going on here, that seems to have gone beyond Karl’s Line of Beauty and we’re very much here for it. Albeit looking adorably fuzzy, Leto’s subsequent look channeled the cat owner more than the cat itself as he turned to fingerless gloves and a somewhat smudgy and silver eye look encircled with black kajal. A little sexy, a little punk, and a lot of Choupette.


Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham via Instagram | Lashleygraham

Ashley Graham preluded her glam on TikTok, revealing how she steered clear of the customary trial makeup that artists usually map out before an event, instead settling for the full’-on 90s supermodel look, applied by MUA Ivan Nunez. She adds that the overall look was a clear nod to Linda Evangelista’s iconic makeup for the Chanel A/W 1992 runway. Featuring soft matte skin and flattering neutrals on lids and lips, the make-up indeed resembled the timeless and elegant aesthetic associated with the fashion house. For her fourth MET appearance and „most dramatic“ one to date, Ashley entrusted her hair to the hands of stylist Justine Marjan. Justine created a sophisticated side parting and added a strand of soft finger waves that delicately framed one side of her face. The tips of her shoulder-length hair were blow-dried inward, mirroring the silhouette of her Harris Reed-made gown. Confectionary pink satin and black velvet go a long way, especially when Harris Reed infuses his vision into Lagerfeld’s epochal couture of the early 90s.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo via Instagram | @yslbeauty

The late 50s and early 60s were pivotal for Chanel, who had teamed up with then fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Known for her timeless elegance and refined taste, she cemented the brand’s reputation in pop culture history. As such, it’s only appropriate that cropped fringes and thickened eyebrows also hint at her legacy – seen here on „Good for You“ singer Olivia Rodrigo. Hair stylist Clayton Hawkins subtly curled the micro fringe to one side using the Dove detangler and repair serum, then twirled up the remaining hair into a tight chignon. All the while MUA Nina Park makes us reminisce „Old Hollywood“ with a full YSL Beauty beat and doe-eyes that were created with a liner concentrated around the center of the upper lash line, foregoing a longer flick at the end and adding layers of mascara instead.


Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish via Instagram | @metgalaofficial
Billie Eilish via Instagram | @emilychengmakeup

Sporting a high-necked black lace bodice, veiled in intricate embellishments and elements of reclaimed Linton Tinsel Cotton Tweed, Billie Eilish’s custom Simone Rocha gown was almost certainly a buildout of Lagerfeld’s fascination for bridal wear. Her sultry and goth-induced look extended into an entanglement with hair stylist Benjamin Mohapi who raveled Eilish’s hair into a long, textured braid raptured with a plethora of black bows, in tribute to Lagerfeld’s timeless philosophy of beauty. In terms of makeup, artist Emily Cheng opted for a more neutral base to keep the overall look, an already polished one, from becoming even lusher, instead offering a somber yet very delicate rim around the eye and a mildly over-lined upper lip in hues of dusty rose. 



Rihanna via Instagram | @metgalaofficial

Rihanna, her beau, rapper ASAP Rocky, and their baking baby closed the MET carpet, as expected. A late-comer entrance has something inexplicably appealing to it, whatever the science behind that might be, Rihanna just does it best. The singer and beauty entrepreneur wore a white hooded cape trimmed with about 500 camellias, alluding to the house’s signature flower, which was introduced not by Karl but by Coco Chanel herself. Those present, including Riri, took a more holistic approach to the theme and the brand resulting in white and creme camellias to be found virtually everywhere. Full glam was provided by Fenty Beauty (how else could it be) and applied by MUA Priscilla Ono, using the berry-tinted shade „Uncensored“ on lips, with frosty and pearlescent eyelids and a generous amount of blush. The figurative cherry on top – white, square-shaped cat-eye shades with XXL falsies.

Afra Ugurlu
Mai 2, 2023
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