A muse yourself

Sculpting beauty and shaping a space for inspiration

There hasn’t been any art yet. Art is just beginning.
Constantin Brâncuși

Orbit Skyfall Lipbalm - &otherstories

Handlotion Sicilian Sunrise - &otherstories

Sculptures shining in simplicity, sleek statues filling spots, reformed facettes that mirror reality abstractly, every perspective reveals a new realization: hair, nails and make-up became our objet d’art.
A-musing sometimes, inspirational always, we were looking at the creations of Constantin Brâncuși, rethinking aesthetics from our contemporary perceptive, but with his vision in mind.
A head of his time, now on a head of this time.
Circling, spiraling around the face, framing space and twisting thoughts: beauty as a modern art piece.

Eye Cream Color Silver - &otherstories

Orbit Skyfall - &otherstories

Bodylotion Perle de Coco - &otherstories

Rouge Schiffli Sand - &otherstories

Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.
Constantin Brâncuși

Lunar Lush Lipbalm - &otherstories

Nagellack Dragée Poudré - &otherstories

Photo: Pablo Freda / Shotview
Concept + Realisation: Laura Dunkelmann
Model: Natalia Renken / Marilyn
Hair: Yumiko Hikage / Agence Saint Germain
Hais Assistant: Yi-Han J
Make-up: Christian Olivier / Ballsaal using &other stories
Nailart: Sylvie Vacca
Photo Assistant: Greg Ponthus

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