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With hyper colourful make-up on the rise, experimental hair colours and bold palettes in both mainstream and niche fashion, the range of shades to choose from to express our style and personality is as big as it gets.

Colour can to more than just shock or enhance, it  impacts how we feel, with ourself and our surrounding – and with growing self-awareness, we can expect our make-up and fashion choices to not only be a visual benefit, but a contribution to our inner beauty too.

In interior design, this is much more common already – with „calming“ colour scheme for bedrooms for example.
With fashion and beauty, there are more shades to explore than just the „happy“ and the „dark“ tones – and here comes Susanna Merrick, an aura stylist from New York. With her ability to see and feel auras, Susanna analyzes that energy in order to help clients look and feel their best by using the healing power of color.

We spoke to the stylist about her inspiring approach to colour in fashion and what aura styling really means.

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How does the color of our fashion changes the way we feel? 

Colors are always influencing us in subtle ways. One of the simplest ways to elevate your mood with style is to choose pieces of clothing with colors that make you feel good. This is pretty easy to investigate on your own – go into your closet and grab a shirt, dress, skirt, or anything else. Hold it up to yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how that color makes you feel. Does it make you feel good, empowering, depressing, energized?

Everything on this planet emits an energy that can be perceived, and that goes for style as well. In my Guide to Styling Your Aura, I talk a lot about how and when to use certain colors in order to not only support yourself but also project the energy you want others to perceive. For example, red is an incredibly powerful color that can not only improve our performance in sports (and in between the sheets) but also communicates a dominating presence, which is perfect during a high-profile meeting when you need to make an impression.

…there is also make-up, for example nail polish or lipstick – Are there similar effects?

While I mostly focus on supportive styling through clothing, accessories and make-up can play a huge role in supporting aura energy. A swipe of blue eyeliner can support a calmer outlook, and the pop of a bold red lipstick will leave you feeling empowered and sexy. Or, my personal favorite, sparkle eyeshadow. Is there really a better way to uplift your mood and energy than with sparkles?!

Applying color medicinally to our lives is truly an integrated process. The way in which we combine colors and see them holistically in our style, makeup, and even in our home life can really have an incredibly profound impact on our aura energy.

How do you curate a wardrobe?

One of the biggest misconceptions about dressing your aura is that people will think I’ll tell them just to wear a certain color in order to support their energy. That’s such a small part of what it actually is!
Once I’ve had a full reading with a client, I’m able to assess how their aura can best be supported through style.
I love pointing my clients towards specific designers with style profiles I feel particularly capture their aura energy. I take into account prints and patters, garment structures, and materials – all of these things influence style and energy! For my personal shopping service, I will also hand-pick specific pieces that will support their aura energy and intention.

Are you working on concepts to match the aura – or to influence it?

My job is to support my clients auras and what they’d like to call in. We always have energy moving around us, coming and going. While I can sense what kind of energy is coming in, I have to keep in mind the intention my clients are seeking to cal in whether that’s love, money, prosperity, rest, or regeneration.
When we have a rich understanding of how color impacts us on a daily basis, we can make decisions and surround ourselves with supporting, nourishing colors.
I’m working on new offerings that will aim to educate people on how they can take the healing power of color into their own hands, and apply that knowledge to different aspects of their lives. I’m also so lucky to have an amazing class of coaching students! Through my program, students learn how to tap into their intuition and apply that along with specific supportive color palettes to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

How does a consultation with you work?

First, it’s important to understand that the aura is our individual energy fields. Aura reading is really a fine-tuned art form of reading what energy is being emitted, how it is shifting, and how it is being influenced by outside sources.
One of my favorite ways to connect with clients is through our one-on-one consultations. I also ask my new clients who are interested in my styling services to first book a full regular session so we can get to know each other, and so that I can better understand their energy.
Personal energies are super complex and layered, so there has to be some kind of “get to know you” period in order for me to suggest colors and styles that will support your energy.
During personal sessions, I guide my clients through a short meditation as well as an Oracle card reading so that we can really dig in an investigate the state of their aura. I have them set an intention as well – this work is powerful, but without intention or desire it can be difficult to really connect with your energy.

Photo: Serena Becker Model: Ari Sievert

How did you become an aura stylist?

I started seeing auras at an early age – it was just always part of my experience! Throughout college and in my twenties I was a performer, doing musical theater and performing onstage. I actually was on the national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar for a few years! Of course, every now and then (especially at parties) I would read friends’ auras, but it definitely wasn’t a full-time thing.

After my time in the tour was over, I settled down in NYC and started working with designers and brands doing some freelance styling.  I had always been in love with fashion and styling, so it really just felt right and I found my way around the scene easily. I started to notice that my client’s fashion choices really reflected their present state of energy – those going through a rough patch would gravitate towards neutrals and darker, more conservative looks, people who were happy and in a spontaneous place would be more adventurous.

Eventually, I started incorporating aura readings into my styling and consulting sessions, when I began taking on personal clients,  and people loved it. Aura Wear was born out of this incredible fusion of personal style and aura energy.

How do you see color trends? Do you think those are a reflection of „society’s aura“ or social circumstances?

Society definitely has an aura that shifts pretty much just as often as our personal auras. A lot of this I intuit based on what people need in certain moments – do they need healing, do we need more people acting in service of others, do we need to be reminded to take care of ourselves? Especially with our 24-hour news cycle and generally reactionary culture, it’s amazing to watch our collective aura shift seasonally. This does impact how I see color trends, and I release new information over my social media channels and through my newsletters constantly to help support people as we move through these energy shifts together.

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Oktober 5, 2020
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