Perfume can be the supporting act to your own stories, Carine Roitfeld is twisting the game by making the wearer of her new perfume collection the canvas for her own tales.
Love, seduction, Paris, irresistiblity: Carine, or the team behind her new fragrance collection (launching May 6th via not only gathered all obvious keywords to label the seven perfumes.
The former Vogue Paris editor in chief went for more common clichée instead of personal chic by stamping each scent with symbols – from naming (destinations and lovers) to notes: The floral Aurelien Paris, Lawrence Dubai with Oud, to George London featruing oakmoss. No need for imagination, the story has been written and now one can (try to) re-life a bit of the French style icon’s glam.

But being a bit of a Roitfeld replica is not a bad thing.
Regarding the popularity of celebrity fragrance and its function to create an illusion of identification, it’s beautiful to see a creative, leading woman putting her name on the bottle – and her stories into it. Having her inspiration translated through reowned pros like Yann Vasnier (who created Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid, but also Donald Trump Success, to name a personality perfume) gurantees that every drop of those scent will be on point. The wearer remains the backdrop to those stories, but if distraction is the desire, it works in a pretty way.

Laura Dunkelmann
April 17, 2019
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