From London to New York – Calvin Klein x Palace announce joint collection

Willem Dafoe by Alasdair McLellan

Highly anticipated and perhaps overdue – Palace and Calvin Klein’s most recent endeveaor; CK1 Palace, a collection honouring the two best-of-class brands. The entire collection along with its „definitely not gnarly pungent“ fragrance is set to launch April 8th, 12 pm CET time and will be available on and What to expect – now this is a tricky one because where does one even start? Next to Calvin Klein’s reimagined archetypal designs, briefs, dad caps as well as a co-branded skateboard, the brands managed to squeeze in another not so little collab with VANS to feature their limited edition „calvans“. Naturally, the collection will include unisex, male, and female pieces reflecting both brands‘ commitment to inclusivity.

Charlie Birch – 40314UC Crew Neck-Emb Logo Star White; 40282MC Trunk 3 Pack/ Classic White


Calvin Klein’s soft as velvet, feel-good underwear and its consciously cool denim classics take on a new realm, namely that of irreverent youth culture brand Palace. From London to New York – gaging on the global network of the skater scene. Once discerned as the peripheral of society, skate culture has slowly but surely taken over the cascades of metropolises and has evidently fostered an uncompromising fashion movement. The merge of the two brands reinforces the notion of inclusivity and individuality by vouching for a world where everyone can be an opinion leader and cultural role model.

Not only did we eavesdrop, but we also caught a glimpse of the imminent drop in the, almost satirical and gritty campaign videos. Admittedly, the collab wouldn’t reflect the skate brand most authentically if it wasn’t for the unmistakable Tri-Ferg logo and its latest dual branding moment. Baggy fitted jeans commemorating the 90s, CK’s classic color palette, Palace typeface, jerseys here and there, and of course, how could there not be – underwear. Indeed, now and for the first time ever, the British streetwear brand will be delving into the sphere of women’s underwear.

As if that wasn’t already enough the campaign shot by Alasdair McLellan includes globally renowned faces such as Willem Dafoe, Lucien Clarke, Precious Lee, the Pet Shop Boys and further explores the „cities in a cheeky and irreverent narrative chronicling the dualities of New York and London, as the cast of characters stand proudly in their own unique identities while navigating their lives and unexpectedly crossing paths.“

Alasdair McLellan
Max Pearmain
Afra Ugurlu
April 6, 2022
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