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Exaggerated, daring, ironic, theatrectical, over the top and even a bit more, artificial, eye-catching and a cultural movement: Camp, the motto of this years‘ Met Ball, feels like the most TUSH theme ever. But also seeing stars from our squad at the fashion event of the year made our hearts melt (into a glittering rainbow syrup of course). From Drag-star Aquaria to Instagram icon Mimi Choi  and make-up artists like Tyron Machhausen – they all contributed to the motto in the best way – and represent our core: Celebrating creativity and uniqueness.

Camp aesthetics have to include cosmetics of course – you would want your face to shine too. At the Met Ball, the make-up and hair even felt more exquisite – Probably because each creation is individual and hasn’t been seen on any runway before.

So the fashion event turned into a beauty extravaganza: Giant wigs, adorned with crystals, formed into twirls, hair dipped in sparkle, lashes like golden arrows and surreal looks with multiple eyes transformed celebrities and characters into inspiring creatures.

It evokes the question: What is attractive? There is not one answer nor a single style to pick.

Camp made it visible: It is about the attitude and spirit, but also surrounding society. How do you carry that extra dose of glitter, or minimal dose of clothing  – and how do people re- and interact.
By making Camp the theme, the platform for self-expression couldn’t have been better. Or easier. Hopefully, society will adapt this spirit and openness – although the provoking intention of Camp might get lost, it’ll set creativity free. After all, Camp is also a social movement.

Attention for the unusual is given: With Gucci – who sponsored the event –  having over 45k mentions on social media during the Met Ball’s red carpet time, it seems people like a little EXTRA. Or even more.

Mimi Choi preparing Ezra Miller, via
Christian Wood's glitter hair on Sophie Turner, via

Sarah Tanno did Lady Gaga's make-up, via

Ciara's make-up was created by Yolonda Frederick, hair by César De Leon Ramirêz, via

Aquaria wearing Margiela by Galliano, via
Cara Delevinge in Dior, via

Artist Lizzo celebrates in pink, via

Lily Collin's XL hair by Greory Russell, via

Laura Dunkelmann
Mai 7, 2019
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