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Janka Polliani während der Copenhagen Fashion Week

Bunter, lockerer und lässiger: Die wichtigste Show während der Fashion Week in Kopenhagen spielte sich auf der Straße ab.
Besonders zum Launch des Zalando New Sustainability Awards blühte der Streetstyle auf – das Event, dass nachhaltiges Modedesign auszeichnet, zog nicht nur eine Eco-Bewusste, sondern eben auch Fashion- wie Beauty-affine Crowd an.

Mit dabei: Die norwegische Stylistin Janka Polliani – Als Local und Fashionfan hat sie natürlich einen besonderen Blick auf die Looks. Im Interview erklärt sie den skandinavischen Stil.

How do the make-up looks differ in Copenhagen compared to other cities? 

I think the Danes are natural beauties, really gorgeous people with minimum makeup and great skin. And it truly suits their relaxed styles as well, bushy brows and apple cheeks are the way to go in Copenhagen

What has been the most remarkable, striking look you recall?

I love when I see people embracing who they are! girls with curly unruly hair and freckles are saved as hairspo for a while. I used to have a lot of curls, but always straighten them. Maybe its time for a change…

How does fashion influence make-up in your opinion?

I think fashion and makeup can be very cool together, even though I’m quite „basic“ when it comes to makeup looks, I always fall back into the winged liner game and like to keep it a little minimal, I think it’s so cool to play with colors of what you are wearing. Green shoes with a green liner – super cool.

Name 3 trending products for the new season…

In need of a great foundation? I love Charlotte Tilbury, makes your skin just like flawless

Want that Scandi look? Brow soap is so easy, even if you’re not good with brows or makeup, it will change your way of looking at brows forever.


Want to add some color? The Anastasia palette is gorgeous.


Der Streetstyle zum Zalando New Sustainibility Award
Februar 22, 2022
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