'DON'T SAY LOVE' – Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s return is an arrival

Leigh-Anne Don't Say Love Cover Artwork

In the realm of girl bands, Little Mix have certainly etched their mark as a veritable pop phenomenon. The musical powerhouse embarked on whirlwind world tours, landing one sensational hit after another. Catchy tunes form an indelible bond with their fans, who aptly refer to themselves as „Mixers“ and flock to stadiums in droves to fill the air with their electric energy. Considered a staple of British pop music, girl bands have vastly converted the sense of a male-dominated industry. Since the Spice Girls‘ golden days, there have been at most a few that cut to mount the charts like Little Mix did. But what happens when the unity of a girl band breaks down and they go their separate ways?

A decade has passed since Leigh-Anne Pinnock rose to stardom on the UK edition of X-Factor, in which Little Mix came into existence. Now, the former band member is about to turn over a new leaf, launching an exciting solo project that is sure to engage audiences. With the release of her debut single „Don’t Say Love,“ Leigh-Anne ushers in an artistic metamorphosis that promises to bring out the depths of her raw and vulnerable truth in a way that provokes thought. It is undeniably riveting when a well-established artist flips the switch and introduces a radically new facet to the world. In the case of Leigh-Anne Pinnock, her foray into a burgeoning solo career is a testament to a much more nuanced crossover – from R&B, and Amapiano to Garage. Stepping into new territory is downright exhilarating, particularly as a biracial Black woman in a predominantly white industry striving to navigate a landscape that wasn’t designed for all. While freeing herself from the collective identity that once defined her, she uses her newly found creative freedom to voice her individuality with undiluted authenticity. Don’t Say Love serves as an emblematic catalyst for this transformative journey, and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the introspective palette of Leigh-Anne’s soul. 

“For a very long time, I just wanted to fit in. And now it’s like no, I don’t have to blend in, I don’t have to do any of that. I can just be unapologetically me… when I felt overlooked, I would say to myself, you might not have seen me then but you're gonna see me now. When I come out, you're not going to have a choice but to see me.”

Juni 16, 2023
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