Hello Gorgeous!


The new fragrance  „Gorgeous!“ by Michael Kors is the  olfactory interpretation of an Uptown Woman: polished freshness meets velvety elegance, a white bouquet is mixed with woody notes. One whiff transports you to 5th Avenue, it’s upscale stores and patent stiletto-clicks on the pavement, voluminous hair and sharp dresses, to a flair full of confidence and classic chic.
We talked to Michael Kors about his new launch and vision on fragrance. 

Designer Michael Kors and model Sara Sampaio.

What did your childhood smell like?
I grew up on Long Island, so there was fresh-cut grass and, during the summer, salt air. And then my mother always wore Aliage, which was sporty and citrusy, and my grandmother wore Joy, which was really lush and glamorous.

And what does success smell like to you?
Jasmine—it transports me to a luxe, tropical destination.

If your new fragrance was a piece of clothing, what would it be? And what would it look like?
A perfectly tailored blazer—it instantly gives you a boost of confidence.

If you could pick one personality, whom would you like to wear your new fragrance? (the person can be deceased or alive)
Sara Sampaio, she’s the star of the campaign and we chose her because she’s the perfect embodiment of Michael Kors Gorgeous!—the confidence, the optimism, the joy and the strength.

What has been the most inspirational moment in your career so far?
Being named a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations World Food Programme. To know that I’ve been able to use my platform to make a positive change in the world is the greatest feeling



„What would you have become if not a designer?“

„A Broadway producer!“

Laura Dunkelmann
Februar 18, 2021
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