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Ganni, the renowned Danish fashion brand, just opened its newest store in Hamburg. Playful, bright and cool, the brand continues to captivate with its unique and refreshing approach to contemporary design. Ever since the couple Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup took over Ganni in 2009, it is known for its spirited and eclectic aesthetic, Ganni effortlessly blends femininity and modernity, creating clothing that resonates with confident and independent women worldwide. Their collections and stores are characterized by vibrant prints, unexpected color combinations, and versatile silhouettes that seamlessly transition from day to night. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Ganni incorporates eco-friendly materials and ethical practices into their production processes, championing a more responsible approach to fashion.

We met the effortlessly cool Ganni Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup for a quick talk about fashion and feelings.

What is the essence of a Ganni girl?

For me, that’s actually very simple: It’s a girl, a woman or a person who just wants to dress for themselves. And nobody else. It’s someone who’s not taking trends too serious – for this person, it is all about expressing themselves and feeling comfortable in their own skin.

It is not always easy to be „you“ – do you have any hints on how to make it happen? 

For me, it’s very much about feelings. You know that feeling when you try something on and you see it and it just feels very, very nice.
On some days, you feel good about wearing a purple dress and on other days you just feel like plain sneakers. It’s about dressing for your own mood, you know?

If Ganni was a mood, what would it be?

I think it would be something that was very organically, colorful and happy. And also very welcoming; someone that you actually want to hang out with.

If you dress according to your feeling, do you think fashion also has the power to change a mood?

Yes! For example during the pandemic, the first couple of weeks, we were all just wearing sweatpants and pyjamas and no makeup; we were all so tired and almost gray. And at one point I really felt like dressing myself up and wearing a nice shoe or a dress, a lipstick. And this definitely changes your mood a little bit or the perception of how you see yourself; it can help.

Ganni is known for its sustainability. What role does it play, in your opinion, for the mood when you wear clothes?

It means a lot because it’s something that we talk about every day at the office. From the creative side, our biggest achievement are the fabrics we use. In the beginning it was difficult to get so sustainable. In 2013, we hired our first sustainability person and I think she was maybe number ten hiring. So that was a major step and it’s been a very long journey and big struggle. But today we can be really proud,  we have actually proved 100% sustainable; responsible is possible!

And if you could pick one piece that embodies Ganni the best, which one would it be? Do you have something maybe from the current collection?

I actually think the Bou bag is a very good example. It’s beautiful, and it somehow has this organic silhouette.

And it’s cute, sweet and still super practical, easy to wear; it has a little bit of color. You can also have it in different colors, of course; butterfly logo. I feel like that’s something that really captures the brand and I’m very proud.


GANNI STORE Große Bleichen 23-27 Hamburg
Laura Dunkelmann
Mai 23, 2023
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