New York Fashion Week F/W 19/20


Thomas de Kluyver continued Sies Marjan’s modern color combinations on model’s faces: Hues of washed out leafy green, golden and pepper-red were painted like watercolors along the upper lid, framed by turquoise along the lower lash line – an artistic take on eyeshadow that goes beyond the classic shading, but still has a flattering quality. Plump, creamy rosewood lips put perfection into the mix – The looks evokes an adolescent and magical feel, somewhere between a dreaming teen and very well put together grown–up.

Sies Marjan’s designer Sander Lak has deeply and joyfully highlighted NYFW yesterday with its seventh collection. Famous for his chromatic savvy, the former Dries Van Noten’s assistant has reached new heights for fall/winter 2019-2020. From vivid greens to deep purples, his palette is not only close to a daring perfection but also a great combination with the model’s hair, often died in dark rich red hues. The dresses are here the main course and shows an absolute mastery of draping. Perfectly balanced between every-daywear and more adventurous looks, the show was somehow a realistic dream.  Lak’s effortless creativity is everything but boring.

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Laura Dunkelmann
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Laurent Dombrowicz
Februar 12, 2019
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