Fresh juices, healthy meals, natural skin care and only sustainable ingredients for all of it: DALUMA, with its three cafés in Berlin and a wide range of food- and beauty-products, is now expanding with an unique app concept.
Nutrition and exercise guides in words, pictures and videos, a reward program and an easy access to support social and environmental causes, DALUMA is now feeding us beyond  the plate with their holistic vision of living.

Super sips: DALUMA has become famous for their juices and smoothies made of sustainable, natural ingredients, packed in recycled material or being completely compostable. The Berlin-based also offers a whole juice cleanse program – if one is into being a liquitarian for a week or more…

Status check: DALUMA’s micronutrients tests are made in to check on mental health & stress, energy, gut and metabolism – after blood is being analysed at a laboratory, the next bites (or sips) can be chosen to be the most beneficial for one’s wellbeing.
Of course, it’ll work best with DALUMA’S drinks, smoothies, meals or snacks…

Within their face care range, DALUMA is focusing on the same vision as they do in good: Natural ad responsibly sourced ingredients.

The newest addition to the Dalumiverse: the app, supporting a holistic life even more.

Laura Dunkelmann
November 30, 2020
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