Gel's Nails

No one does a hand job better than Gelcream, aka our favourite beauty Instagrammer Yana Sheptovetskaya – whether it’s holing up glasses, creams, tools or even visons (her feed is ad free). Each visual is perfectly composed and every word well put.
Since hands are almost all post’s focus, nails are always in their best shape.

Now it’s the nailpolish brand Essie who got their hands on her: Yana created five visuals, with the support go nail artist Nyah, based on the brand’s new summer shade collections Gorge-ous Geodes, Rocky Rose and Sunrush Metals.


Melted chocolate browns, smokey rose hues, matte sunset orange and iridescent mauve: The tones set the mood. Influenced by nature and road-trips but also art, the final design isn’t only about color, but also shapes, structures, finishes – in Yana’s typical, cool and structured style.


Laura Dunkelmann
Gelcream / PR
Juli 22, 2019
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