Olesya Ivanishcheva backstage at ADEAM with make-up by Sara Ito for NARS

Ash Foo for Adeam

“It is not about a perfect eye makeup, I see this make-up as a painting – which can also be imperfect,“ tells NARS make-up artist Sada Ito about his creation for the label Adeam, while carefully gluing chunks of gold leaf to model’s lash lines.
A delicate move more known from artful craftsmanship – the beauty version of kintsugi, the Japanese way of repairing broken porcelain with gold and also an poetic approach and celebration of imperfection.

The porcelain, in this case, seemed to be the models skin: Even, perfect, yet natural due a base created with Longwear Foundation, Radiant Creamy Concealer, Tinted Glow Booster and Velvet Pressed Powder by Nars.
There was nothing to repair though – only to embrace: the individual beauty, sometimes cracked, sometimes ultra-even.

Backstage at Adeam
Natural Radiant Longer Foundation - NARS
Porcelain skin at Adeam
Radiant Cream Concealer by NARS
Poetic perfection at Adeam
Pressed Powder by NARS

Sporty hair and imperfect eyeliner created with gold leaf

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