High waist meets low waste

There’s no need for Blanche to fish for compliments: The danish brand has specialized in sustainability and style alike, using nets full of waste as a base to create – rather than empty words. The casual-cool brand also catched our attention during Copenhagen Fashion Week: With a intimate, charming presentation, they gave their spring summer 2023 collection a beautiful frame. Pastel hues and subtle shimmer, playful simplicity with textures raging from hyper soft to sensually solid shaped the elegant yet contemporary  collection.   The minimal decor of the event displayed the materials used for the dress, suits and tops: shiny plastic bottles, iridescent oyster shells and leftover fabrics.

We’re hooked!

About the collection:

“My Inspiration comes from Richard Avedon’s signature portraits that captured soul and

celebrated stark authenticity. Rauschenberg collected discarded objects on the streets of New

York City and brought them back to his studio where he integrated them into his work – which

also guides our production process“ – Louise Amstrup, Blanche Designer

Laura Dunkelmann
August 15, 2022
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