In the Lim light

The 3.1. Phillip look: Caramel colors on cheeks, lips and lids.

The make-up at the Phillip Li Spring/Sumer 2019 Show featured a laid-back chic with caramel-colors and flattering finishes.

Wearable was not a word that got the crowds excited – Neither fashion nor beauty people. But Philip Lim, along with make-up artist Frances Daly for Nars, gave the word another meaning by showing that wearability – from frocks to the face – is attractive and exciting and doesn’t mean “norm” at all. It just means it won’t be hard to pull them off. So, ready to get excited?

The keys to coolness are details and finishes, both for everyday-appropriate clothes and make-up. „We played with textures instead of colours“, explains Daly, Nars Key Make-up Artist for this show, “It’s a new approach to a nude look. It’s not natural, although it doesn’t appear like paint.” 

It starts with a satiny, almost translucent base that creates a skin free of imperfections but still with a natural glow and a soft, blurry bronze touch. Caramel colored, matte eyelids and plus creamy hazel-beige lips complete the well-composed palette. This is not an instant eye catcher; it’s a laid-back interpretation of chic.

It is the American answer to the French red-lip-messy-bun combo. Flattering yet fresh.
Daly enhanced the faces’ feature in a modern way: No pseudo-natural shading (bye bye contouring and glistening highlights) was seen. Mascara made its return to the cool girl look. Avoided by many make-up-artists for a long time, Daly subtly added a minimum of dark mascara with a small, fan-like brush to the lashes to keep the texture light and not too thickening.
Although all shades seemed to be “natural”, they were visible. They were applied to be noticed. Maybe not at the first, but second glance – which is, sometimes, even more exciting than the obvious.

How to do mascara the cool way: Brushing in color

Subtle chic: Frances Dalys' sketch
The line-up: Natural Radiant Longer Foundation, Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, Radiant Creamy Concealer,Hammamet Duo Eyeshadow, St. Paul De Vence Duo Eyeshadow, Climax Mascara
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Laura Dunkelmann
[Sketch ]
Oktober 5, 2018
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