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Organically balanced: The V Ring, Reflection letter and Shell earrings

Jewellery designer Jane Kønig masters balance: of bold and soft, of modern and classic, charming and special – and also affordable but valuable. Each piece created by her – from charms, earrings, necklaces to rings – has an organic feel that unfolds even more when worn. There is nothing forced nor overly artificial to the delicate details of her collection, it is decorative, but in the most personal way.

We spoke to the Danish creative about her approach to jewellery, art, beauty and life. 

What was your first piece of jewellery?

Ever since being a little girl I loved going through my mother and grandmother´s jewellery boxes. It was just magical to me trying on the bracelets, brooches and clip on earrings.
My dad traveled a lot when I grew up. He would always bring back small presents from his trips. One of my most grand memories was being given a beautiful ring with small blue enamel butterflies. I adored that piece. At the age of seven or eight my dad gave me a small pendant watch to wear around my neck. I was never prouder. To this day I still have that watch.

If you could own one piece of art, which one would it be? Could be a paiting, sculpture, eveything… 

Definitely a large Andy Warhol silk print. For some reason his works have always captured and inspired me. I saw my first Andy Wahol exceptions at Art museum Louisiana in the late 70ties and later again at Basel Art Gallery. I love the rawness of his work and the fact that they for some reason never seem to go out of style.

What is the most valuable thing in your life?

Honesty! It might sound kind of a cliché, but it is none the less true. I need honesty in my life in order to function. Every day I try to be as honest both to myself, my friends and my co-workers as possible, and I expect people to be honest to me in reverse. I takes a lot to be honest but I couldn´t have built my business or any of my friendships without honesty. It is as simple as that.

What means beauty to you?

Getting older I have found that beauty equals being comfortable in your own skin. I work a lot from my summer cottage, and I have started to love myself with my hair in a ponytail dressed in outfits that match my mood. Beauty to me is when someone’s look and personality complement each other. 

Why did you choose to create jewellery?

Sometimes I actually feel that jewllery chose me. While studying to become a fashion designer at the Danish Design school I was in a relationship with a really talented goldsmith. He inspired me a lot I started doing belts and jewelley for my outfits. One thing lead to another and soon I swapped fashion for jewellery. And now it seems as if the rest is history. However, I still love fashion, sawing and working with textiles. But my heart belongs to the stones, gold and silver.

What do you listen to when you design? 

It depends. If I´m working from my summer cottage I only indulge in the ever-present silence. And I love it. Working at the workshop I listen to all my dear colleagues talk and stories from their life. Silence and tales give me so much more inspiration than music or a podcast would ever.

Which meaning does jewellery have for you? 

I guess you could say that jewellerys is to me what the canvas is to an art painter. It is a way in which I can express my artistic veins. It is both my greatest gift and my burden to carry.

Name three of your favorite pieces from your collection:

Having been an active goldsmith for over 30 years my oeuvre and catalogue of made jewllery is rather big. Looking at my current design I have to point out my V Ring. This ring is an all-time favorite and my bestselling piece ever. It is still massively popular, and I love seeing how people always find new ways to style it.

 From my latest collection Reflection, I want to high light the Reflection letters. These beautiful pendants are sort of a new take on another classic design of mine the Love tag. The way people carry the own or their loved one’s letters close to them fills my heart with warmth.

 Last but not least I guess I would point out the Shell earrings. I really love the simple yet classic design. This is an earring that suits most ears and I love how the design works both as a big power piece (Big Shell) and a much more subtle and elegant piece (Small Shell).



Designer Jane Kønig
Laura Dunkelmann
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Lissy Gollnik
Oktober 26, 2020
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