London Fashion Week F/W 19/20

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan represents one of the latest attempt from the British fashion industry (that is to say the media and overrated CSM) to reproduce a new John Galliano. Same mood, same strategy, 30 years later. Is the young designer gifted? Very much so. Do we need this over styled, over crafted identity now? That’s not so sure. As a perfect wonderkid, Matty Bovan never fails in putting drama on the catwalk. His sense of draping and mix of floral prints and experimental handmade knitwear is for sure a feast for the eyes. But we miss the part that is supposed to be backing up all that beautiful mess: the garments. Where is the meat on the bone ? If the young designer doesn’t reply to that question next season, he will follow many of his talented predecessors in the vacuum of time.

Laurent Dombrowicz
Februar 17, 2019
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