Photo: Benjamin Lozovsky
Editor: Laura Dunkelmann


A thick film of neon dust laying on the skin, acid-toned lashes so heavily coated in color it must have been hard to keep the eyes open, thick, almost comic-like dreadlocks and cartoon-ish, exaggerated headpieces: Model’s at the Manish Arora show could have been just waiting outside a club in Berlin 1992 or ready to get onto their Van to Burning Man. Powerful, ready to party (on).

Manish Arora doesn’t shy away from extra bold beauty looks.
The designer uses hair and make-up as an extension of his design and vision, well aware that pink powder can be an accessoire just as a funky bag and underline a vibe. He is not reflecting reality, he is creating a new one.

With Kabuki for make-up and Laurent Philippon for hair, Arora got one of the most creative and skilled pros to fulfill his Burning Man, Mad Max and LSD-inspired dream.

Colors and styling are intense – but never overpowering.
Looking at it is giving you energy rather than soaking it.
It’s like a wild party with an everlasting positive vibe – and you’re invited.

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