Milan Fashion Week F/W 19/20:


Bye New-York, farewell London, with the Gucci show as the opener of the Milan’s season, the fashion marathon has reached another level in terms of creativity. With his co-ed FW2019/2020 opus, Alessandro Michele is talking to the multiple me, myself and I we’re all made of. The mask we’re wearing to hide ourselves from the public eye could be the definition for the word „fashion“ itself. What we show is never the complete truth but often a persona. The mask is also a key element in the theatrical repertory and, in particular, the greek tragedy. Those two pillars are the starting point of the astonishing Gucci show with more surprises to come. Less logo, less sportswear and even less color explosion, there is an obvious, big change. « Sober » is no word that fits here, talking about the aesthetic -we’re at Gucci after all!-  but tailored monochrome suits were served with an elegant à-propos! Don’t expect a regular business routine. The spiky chokers and other fetishistic ornaments are giving the (right) tone but not as a monomania. Cultural references (including religious statues with their silicone tears) and eclectic styles remain strong signatures at Gucci under Michele’s reign.
Laurent Dombwrowicz
Februar 21, 2019
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