British Designer  Molly Goddard might splurge on fabric with her Spring Summer collection presented during London Fashion Week – yet it is very much her magic to still frame a personality and not overpowering it. There are hyper hot colors, there’s frills and volume and yet, it’s not distracting from the person wearing her dreamy creations.
It’s as if she is creating a mobile set, one that we can move a long with through many scenes and most likely, create our own.



For her spring summer 2023 she has reworked classic silhouettes, shifting shapes and textures, redesigning and translating what once might have been „party“ looks into garments that are both ultra extra absolutely wearable.



„I was thinking about red carpets pre-internet. These are images I love and often go to for inspiration, dressing felt more for the party and for yourself. Much more casual, laid back. No step and repeat and no posing. People looked like they were out to have fun.“

[Photo ]
Ben Broomfield
Laura Dunkelmann
September 19, 2022
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