Central Pork

Frau lehnt auf Tisch mit Schuhen udn Schwein

Next week New York’s edgy shroomcore and TUSH favorite (we’re both vegan) label Collina Strada will show their new collection – but here’s a sneak pig to part of the presentation (which will take place more than 60 block south of central pork): the Van X Collina Strada collection. Slip-Ons, sneakers, shoes and accessories such as backpacks, are coming in Stradaesque patterns, colors and dimensions, with charmingly child-like drawings, spacious silhouettes and with a playful approach. Can’t decide what’s your favorite pig? Just await the show – it helps to spot them in nature…

The collection will be available after the show on Feb 10th via Vans



Zwei Schweine spielen mit Schuhschnürsenkel
Frau mit Schwein auf dem Rücken
Zwei Schweine spielen mit rosa Schuh
Laura Dunkelmann
Februar 2, 2023
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