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Play, girl!

[Photo ]
[AD / Editor ]
Laura Dunkelmann
[Make-up ]
Chiao Li
Erol Karadag
Briggs Rudder / Wilhelmina, Taylor Jeanne / No Agency NYC
[Styling ]
Jen Smith
Dana Foley NYC
Oktober 8, 2018

It’s about overdoing it with accessories to highlighting hair’s beauty

Chic shine, sleek shapes and smooth silhouettes: Simplicity is now key for a modern hairstyle. But that doesn’t mean we are on team minimal.
If the base look – including a well maintained mane, free of frizz (check the new &other stories line) – is on point, we’re ready to play:
With textures from defused waves to sharp straight strands, kicking it with plastic fantastic baubles, framing it through bobby pins in rainbow shades and ultra cute clips in all kinds of candy colors: the game is on with accessories (Kanel is our latest discovery). Forget about the rules here, the goal is clear – more is a score – and will put into focus what really counts: beautiful hair and investing into care.

Hair: Restore Intensive Mask, &OTHER STORIES, Skin: Haloscope, GLOSSIER

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Clips: KANEL

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Clips: Kanel
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Clips: Kanel, Universal Blowout Lotion, &OTHER STORIES, Lashes: ImperialLash MascaraInk, SHISEIDO

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