POLAROID GOes above and beyond

Miranda Makaroff with the Polaroid Go + Blue Filter

A salute to the past; Polaroid launches a revamp of its one-of-a kind Polaroid Go. Side note – it also happens to be the „world’s tiniest, most portable analog instant camera“ making it an indispensable tool to bring about your creativity on-the-go.


A penchant for nostalgia – no matter the age, we’ve all used them before and have congregated stacks of pictures in their classic square format. A few years down the line and still merely a shutter button away; Polaroid Go has remained the prototypical poster child of analog instant cameras. Taking it up a notch with its two new colorways; black and red and the concomitant filter sets that bring red, blue, or orange-tinted photos to the fore. We can’t wait to get our hands on one – lucky us, they’re available as of now through their website.

Albeit, new age media has accustomed us to capture moments on our phones, only a finite amount are making it to our walls, scrab books, or even inside our wallets. It’s quite powerful to see Polaroid’s instant cameras gaining traction again while simultaneously concentrating innovation and tradition to come together. With community at the very heart of this movement, Polaroid’s last year’s „Go Create“ campaign, has managed to draw together a blend of creatives from various disciplines and backgrounds.

Amongst others, the campaign encompasses Spanish multi-media artist Miranda Makaroff who has granted us a glimpse of her creative vision through visual storytelling making it „easy to capture inspiration wherever she goes“.

Afra Ugurlu
Mai 4, 2022
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