Colors, space and shapes: Photographer Franco Fontana is know for his vibrant, ultra structured landscape and architecture imagery, realness extended to the extreme so it becomes almost surreal, like an idealised vacation photo but with an artful twist.
Now, his  pictures become part of a real scenery as well as prints on Sportmax‚ latest Denim Culture collection. Merging art, culture and fashion, Sportmax is launching a new project each season. Just calling it collection wouldn’t be fitting, although, each piece feels very collectible.

Slightly abstracted on denim, Fontana’s photography gains a paintery quality, elevating wardrobe and scenery alike.
Naturally, Fontana framed his fashion collaboration himself in his iconic style. The final lookbook photos feel like a lost postcard from the future: dreamy yet energetic, promising, inspiring with a very warm touch of nostalgia. But this sentiment might just come from the fact that we haven’t received such pretty postcards in a while. To complete that atmosphere, Fontana added personal notes reflecting the collection and his work.

The collection is now available online.

What made you use colour right from the start of your career when most other photographers worked in black and white?

For me, colour represents life where the heart and thoughts collide. I see my thoughts in colour, I keep the colour in my interpretation.

If you had to give an item from this capsule collection to a woman who is important to you, which would you choose?

I am repetitive, I always choose the jeans because they represent a creativity that is closer to mine in the various styles, each different from the other, yet without repetition and with unending curiosity.

Every “job” is a new adventure, a way to represent yourself as though it was the first time.

There was some pressure as there was no time to adventure out to distant regions to look for a particular location. I was looking for presence/absence, the lines, colours and shapes, and I found them “AROUND THE CORNER”.


[Photo / PR]
Franco Fontana
Laura Dunkelmann
März 18, 2021
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