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Madrona Redhawk  macht Make-up zur Performance, stülpt sich in Farbe getunkte Tücher über oder trägt Lippenstift via Stiefelspitze auf – eine Art Antibewegung, im wahrsten Sinne, zum perfektionistischen kontourieren und kaschieren. Und auch wenn sie akribisch zeichnet, haben ihre Kreationen eine Kreativität, die heraus sticht. Auf den ersten Blick scheinen Formen und Farben wild gemixt und brechen vor allem aus der bekannten Ästhetik heraus.
Was all ihre Videos und Bilder zeigen: Das eben der scheinbar chaotische Moment  voller Schönheit steckt.
Deshalb ist sie auch Teil der „Go Create“ Kampagne zum Launch der neuen Polaroid Go, die Pocket-size Version der ikonischen Kamera. Mit dem Mini-Apparat hat sie ihre gemalten Werke festgehalten und gleich exklusiv für TUSH einen Look kreiert. Im Interview spricht sie über ihre Inspiration.

Madrona mit der neuen Polaroid Go

How do you get into the mood to create your looks? (Music, Setting….) 

I always do my makeup in my bathroom while playing my favorite music of the moment. I like to be alone when doing makeup because I have to sit still with a steady hand for hours and distractions could mess me up. Makeup is labor intensive but fun and I feel a lot of pride seeing the final product.

Is Make-up a reflection of your feeling – or does it change how you feel? 

Having makeup on does make me feel cool, when I especially like a look i’ll leave it on for a while so I can examine it in real time instead of as a photo. That being said, I do see the looks as a vague reflection of my mood that day. I always make birthday presents for people the day of so I can capture the essence of the day and I see makeup along the same line.

Perfekt auf Pola: Madrona

Do you plan all steps / looks or just go with the flow? Do you have a picture in mind before creating?

I’m spontaneous with my art almost to a fault. When i’m in the mood to do makeup I just go into my bathroom, sit down, and think of what color to use and where to start. I take a ton of breaks while doing makeup and will often scroll through my old looks to see if there are any patterns/shapes I want to use again.

Why did you choose your face as your canvas?

I started doing artistic makeup around age 14 but before that I started drawing because I was put into an art class the year before after not really making art since elementary school. I don’t recall putting much emphasis on using my face as a canvas as opposed to it just being another outlet to a teenager with a lot of creative energy.

What means beauty to you?

Beauty is really subjective and I doubt there is a person or piece of that that every human on earth would agree is beautiful. I also think that a lot of art that is amazing isn’t beautiful, including some makeup looks i’ve done that are cool but aren’t flattering. I do think that the earth is objectively beautiful from the deserts to tundras and although cities can feel like bleak concrete jungles they have an undeniable charm with the dazzling lights and soaring buildings.

Make-up-Momente mit Madrona
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Laura Dunkelmann
Juni 24, 2021
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