Marco Rambaldi SS24

Sensual Power

Good girls go to heaven, but Rambaldi Girls… can go anywhere they want to. As for Spring Summer 2024 Marco Rambaldi dedicates his collection to freedom and self-empowerment. 

With lots of lace, crochet and leather the „Malafemmina“, or bad girls of Rambaldi, gain on sensual power and free themselves from any social constructs. Casually wearing their shoes in one hand, the cast of body-normal models of all gender walks through a garden of roses in a variety of undergarments and lace socks. The crochet and lace drapings leave little to the imagination but showcase a proud and sensual aura confident to conquer the world as well as your sheets.

Starting with a heart shaped, black leather top and an overlong black satin skirt followed by a Swarovski embellished two piece. Fringes are swirling with any movement, made from leather, chains or just as rare ends of the crochet and knitwear pieces.

Crucifixes and love symbols decorate necks and ears, mixed with pearls, pendants and christian charms. Starting on the dark side the looks become brighter and more pastel by the outfit - embracing an empowering look into the future - which finalizes in a sparkly-pink Swarovski dress.

Simon Riepe
via Reference Studios
September 28, 2023
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