Photos: Benjamin Lozovsky


Among the models: Dragqueen Aquaria

The Blonds added a dose of glam and gangsta to NYFW – from casting, clothes to make-up – topped by the performance of Lil‘ Kim.

Lizard-eye shaped, blended eyeshadow in glistening gold, fox fur brown and amex black, completed by a suede colored, plumb lip: Make-up artist Kabuki put the glamorous gangsta vibe of The Blond’s collection into make-up. While the British artist is known for lifting up classics with fantasy and an ultra artistic take, he focused on overdrawing opulence here. And it worked – on models, drags, characters and real rappers alike, exaggerating the shape when necessary (Lion Babe, of course), rich blending (Paris Hilton, that’s you) and rising the color up to the brows (an Aquaria-approved look).
But ain’t no gangster theme without putting some bling on the fingers: Jen Arnold, Co-Founder and Creative Director of CND, was diggin’ the crates and found some glass diamonds, sapphires, black beads, silver and gold chains to sparkle up super sharp nails.

Hair was either beautified by Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Kevin Hughes, to a posh blowout look, put in disco-esque waves and curls or hidden under polished wigs. Thanks to the beauty gang of Kabuki, Jen Arnold and the hair team, The Blonds spectacle was not only a fashion, but also a make-up show – bringing splendor to NYFW and getting the very glam crowd excited.

By Laura Dunkelmann

Ariela Soares feelin' it

Singer Lion Babe

The Clermont Twins turned into a triple
The ulitmate blonde: Paris Hilton

All a-butt the Clermont Twins

New York’s avant-garde is well alive and kicking. Thanks to the drag and queer culture! From Vaquera to Gypsy Sport, the gender bending fashion proposition has never been so accurate and diverse on the runways. But the flamboyant climax of this colorful craziness was created by The Blonds. On the business side, the pair is mostly focused on celebrities custom designs. Their catwalk event is a succession of showstopping looks, served by crazy wig addicts and butt implants maniacs. Lil Kim, Paris Hilton and Aquaria were some of the most famous guest models of the season. With the Blonds, more is more and even more. In past decades, the fashion world was crazy about Betsey Johnson’s cartwheel and John Galliano’s dramatic bow. Now, all eyes are on Philippe Blond’s exit on the runway. Perfectly dragged as a platinum bombshell, one part of the duo Blonds just owned the catwalk with a fabulous hair-o-graphy and a giant bling necklaces. In our uncertain times, this form of entertainment is fabulously needed.

By Laurent Dombrowicz


Phillipe Blond, one part of the designer duo
The complete catwalk crew including Lil' Kim

Model Kirill Kabachenko

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