Craze meets suspicion: Are we OK with star beauty brand number XYZ?

skincare products and Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell Williams and Hailey Bieber have a lot in common. Not only do they have fanbases of millions, hot street styles and dozens of magazine covers. But both of them entered a new market besides the music and model industry: the beauty sector. Essentially the two of them are not alone with that move: There are 12.000 new beauty brands entering this field every year, the amount of celebrity brands growing as well. More than 25 companies being founded by celebs in the last three years pushes consumers to question these brands existences. In a world where sustainability is desired by Gen Z negative sentiment about celebrity beauty brands has risen significantly.

On the other hand, VIP marketing offers identification, a feeling of belonging and a complete lifestyle to people. Today’s lost generation needs all of that and so famous people are serving. Being their own embassadors they can deliver their very own personal messages, as the 49 year old rapper from Viriginia Beach is doing with his brand


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Take care

as brand vision works for his inclusive approach. Adressing to all genders and races Pharrell wants his customers to achieve unified health and the pursuit of wellbeing. The refillable products are packed in 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and range from body- to suncare. Together with dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones he developed cleanser, creams and body bars to deliver optimal exfoliation and hydration for lasting skin health.

3-minute-Facial - HUMANRACE- via PR
Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator - HUMANRACE - via PR
Skincare - HUMANRACE- via PR

Moreover, he animates people to take care of themselves in order to take care for others. This should ideally lead to forming communities and spread more compassion and appreciation for fellow human beings. Realizing this ego problem of our generation made Pharrell find his target audience. And then there is climate change, destroying ozone layers and increasing UV rays in our everyday lifes. By releasing sunscreans for all skin types the american singer lifts the spirit of wearing SPF protection for BIPOCs as well.


Hailey Bieber in a black jacket
Skincare products in grey packaging

When packaging and content have the same minimalistic claim it seems like we are talking about Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand Rhode. Named after her second name the company launched in 2022, offering products like moisturizers, lip balms and serums. With the goal of dewy skin and a glazed donut glow, none of Hailey’s products costs more than $30. The topmodel wanted her brand to be accessible for everyone, no matter budget or skin type. Let’s do it like Hailey:

glaze, restore, treat, repeat.



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Gucci muse Harry Styles encourages his fans to

find your pleasing.

At the end of 2021 he launched two serums and four pearl-inspired nail polishes. Thereupon the trend of men painting their nails experienced a new boom after likes of David Bowie and Kurt Cobain in the 80s. Also think of style icons like A$AP Rocky and Machine Gun Kelly (who also started his own nail polish brand UN/DN LAQR in 2021). Today Harry extended his non-binary product line to apparel, soothing tonic and nail balm. The „One Direction“-star does not only pushes the debate about what masculinity is by wearing a dress on the american cover of Vogue but also with what the identity of his brand stands for. Everyone should feel beautiful.

Keys Soulcare

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For Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys it is not just about sharing the soul of her voice but to

share the soul of beauty.

Her beauty line „Keys Soulcare“ launched one year ago with skin-nourishing offerings and soul-nurturing rituals. For the american singer it is about inner and outer beauty, about body, mind and soul. Together with dermatologist Dr. Renée Snyder she created products like the „Golden Cleanser“ and the „Skin Transformation Cream“ with ingredients like manuka-honey and turmeric. In times of a fast living, globalized world Alicia understood what our generations need: a daily reminder for selfcare. She encourages her customers to light up her „Sage and Oat Milk Candle“ and give their faces a massage with the „Obsidian Facial Roller“.

Soaps Humanrace

INSTAGRAM @humanrace

The question that is definetly put in the room is:

Do we actually need another skincare brand in such a saturated market?

The answer is somehow yes and no. New generations will continue to develop new needs. They will probably never completely stop consuming but can change the HOW by realizing existing environmental and social issues and adapt. And so do new beauty brands have to transpose. What do they want to offer? Is it actually about the product itself or is it just image building? Celebrities are people closest to the Zeitgeist, influencing generations of now and the future. Them continuing to develop beauty brands with a sustainable approach could help the industry to shift in the right direction.

Februar 24, 2023
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