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When the fragrance CK one came out 1994, it was groundbreaking: In its clean, cool and androgynous aesthetics and crisp scent. It’s been the first unisex fragrance on the market in a long time and for a long time.

There is not much to modernize, one may think – As the picture once painted doesn’t feel dusty.

But Calvin Klein restored the iconic fragrance to today’s demands with the launch of CK EVERYONE by updating the formula to vegan and to 79% naturally derived ingredients, framing it in a bottle packaging created from recycling materials.
Although the composition has been updated, the perfume itself still is a fresh breeze. More orange oil and green accents enhance the scent’s brightness. And so do the surrounding aesthetics: The imagery has shifted from androgynous to diverse, individual and therefore more colourful in terms of personalities.

Part of the new cool cast is 29 year old musician Eliot Sumner, who is also the child of Sting and actress Trudie Styler. The easy going, honest and cool Brit is more a character than just a fragrance face – their attitude and thoughtfulness shine through the advertising photos and their words. From touring the world with their band, DJing at Berghain in Berlin to doing crosswords at the countryside in England: Eliot embodies many personalities.

The musician has a very special relationship to scents – We were surprised to hear after our first question that they don’t have a sense of smell. Yet, Eliot is a perfect match thanks to their multifaceted personality and to choose them is a truly inclusive move. 

We met the creative in New York City for an interview about perfume, music and crosswords – and put Eliot’s and CK’s spirit into words and visuals.

Eliot Sumner at the launch party for CK Everyone in New York City


How does happiness smell like?


I don’t have a sense of smell. I lost my sense of smell due to an injury I had in 2009. But I do remember smells from my childhood. For example, I used to love driving past the petrol station with my bike to smell petrol. An ex of mine used to wear CK one, as well as my brother when he was 14 – So people that I love have worn it and that gives me a good feeling, just remembering it. I also recall the smell of bacon and coffee.


How did this change your life?


I don‘t mind that I don‘t have a scent of smell. You know how they say you lose one sense and then gain another. I became a lot more sensitive. Which is a bit annoying because I pick up on everything from people around me. I am very empathic.


I believe that we all have an energy that is unique. The way you smile to a person – is going to show what kind of character you are.  Just like the smell, it is one of a kind.  You can leave an impression to people, a memory. That is what I like to do, to  leave a legacy behind.


If it is not the scent – how could CK everyone sounds like? Maybe a Berghain beat?


Berghain is exclusive, CK is inclusive, and to me it sounds like New York. New York is a melting pot of so many different cultures, and that is it what makes it exciting. There is a certain energy – that CK Everyone also carries.


How did you feel when Calvin Klein approached you?


It was exhausting since the fashion industry is not my natural world. It’s all very new to me. My whole life I kind of shed away from it, until now.

This opportunity came at such a good time. The day I got the email I was flying to L.A to record my new album and I didn’t have enough money to produce it… so that kind of pushed me. Calvin Klein is iconic anyway, and I appreciate the diversity the brand stands for, something unique for a big company.


If not in the fashion world – Where do you feel most like yourself? Is the music business?


A hard question for someone who struggles to find a home in oneself.

It is probably somewhere to rest and somewhere quiet. I am looking for stability. I haven’t found out where it is yet. Perhaps I don‘t need to right now. I am most happy when I am at home in England, doing crosswords. I just moved back to the countryside. I love to make music, but I also like peace and simple tasks during the day.


Does music make you happy?


There is a lot of social condition around happiness. Everyone says: we can‘t be happy all the time. But I am happy when I am having a Twix or take a bath. I think it’s about appreciating the small moments.


When it comes to music – I am much more productive when I am in pain.

When I am happy, I feel numb, like a little puppy and slightly lost. Pain is like when I come into my get shit done mode. I am a Scorpio! I am obsessed with astrology too.

I am very good at reading people. I’m a big empath, which is really exhausting since I tend to easily relate to how other people feel.


A new icon: The fragrance CK Everyone

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März 4, 2020
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