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Radiant skin on set for our TUSH 52 cover shoot: Introducing Lisa Vicari, the acting prodigy whose cool-headed demeanor is utterly comforting. The 26-year-old holds sterling prominence as nascent talent, adept at playing multi-layered and nuanced characters. Best known for her role in the Netflix series DARK, the German-born actress has acclaimed international recognition within film and television. Her latest work, for Sky TV‘s adaptation of Django, has prompted the spaghetti western genre into a much more inclusive direction, while grappling with the pitfalls of life on the periphery of society. Just weeks after our shoot, we meet again for a catch-up, discussing female empowerment, chronic daydreaming, and more.

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TUSH: What struck you the most about the storyline of Django?

LISA: There have been quite a few iterations of Django, it’s been remade so many times since the original, with each version adding something unique to its story. I loved the idea of expanding the story into a series that really gives the plot and characters room to develop and provides them with a modern twist, starting with a more diverse cast and female characters that are equipped with agency and layers, like we haven’t seen before in the genre.

How does playing in a period series differ from anything contemporary?

It’s so much fun because you get to play dress up, which I guess as an actor you do anyway. It’s just ten times more mind-blowing how elaborate the set and costumes are, I even got to learn horseback riding. I actually always wanted to delve more into period projects, and I feel as though some subject matters stay the same, regardless of the time they are set in. The characters – their issues, and their hardships are still as humane as they are today.

If you were stuck with one genre of film which one would you pick?

It’s so hard to choose; I did a romantic comedy a couple of years ago for Netflix and that was such an interesting experience because it’s so fast pace and the tempo is so important. But I think I gravitate a bit more toward drama and heavy pieces. I don’t know why, but I really love searching for the good stuff in there. 

A strong leading female role is quite atypical to the genre of spaghetti western. How do you define a strong woman on your own terms?

Sometimes, especially in film, strong women quite literally have to be superheroes. Very kick-ass, flawless – you know how it goes. While that might be one interpretation of a strong woman, I think the more complex and opinionated, female characters truly mirror what that means. There are so many dimensions to this topic, and I’m so glad our adaption of Django unmasks women that can help themselves.

What impact do you hope your work has?

Personally, the first thing that comes to mind is to entertain, distract, and to delve into different realms, if only for a few hours. It goes further than that, though. I can only control the things I choose and that I support in a way. In this case, seeing that we have a very broad spectrum of people who are represented in Django. Supporting plots and stories that need to be told, in order for marginalized people to be able to see themselves on screen.

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What was the hair and makeup process like?

We had an amazing hair and makeup crew from Italy, Rome. My hair designer is Giorgio Gregorini, he’s incredible; and just so good with wigs. It was really clear from the start that my character Sarah has short hair, but it was quite a long process of figuring out what her hair was exactly going to look like. It was a phase of trial and error, but once Giorgio finished the wig, I realized how easy it was to get in and out of character. It’s a very physical thing, but it was a big part of finding the character.

Considering the time the series is set in, I assume the makeup was anything but glam.

There wasn’t much makeup whatsoever, my character is supposed to be quite pale so I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible and used more sunscreen than ever before. We played a lot with dirt makeup, which I love! It might be odd, but for some reason, I feel really confident in it, and then every now and then we’d add some wounds or scratches. The makeup designer who mostly worked with me was Maurizio Silvi. He sadly passed away last year, but was one of the greatest makeup artists, from Italy. I just feel like that part of a production needs to be highlighted more, it adds so much to the characters.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

Back to me feeling confident when I’ve got dirt on my face… No, but it’s probably when I just took a shower and am moisturized. Though, when I really think about it, it’s when I don’t look in the mirror at all. When I just go on about my day and don’t feel any type of pressure to look a certain way. That’s when I feel the most beautiful, I think.

Do you believe imitates life or vice versa?

For me, it’s not to be separated. I look for art in daily life constantly. Everything is film. I love to see life almost through a lens. It might sound a bit odd, but anything I see, that I find slightly inspiring, I imagine to be a scene.

Maybe you should direct a film.

Maybe, I already am.

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