The Perfect Composition

Earpieces made of gold and diamonds

Shiny lines glide around the lobes, a subtle sparkle flows around the neck and a soft glimmer reflects on the fingers: Ouverture jewelry feels like a quite melody made of gold, harmonic, poetic – with fine beats of pearls and diamonds, organically meandering around its wearer, underlining and not overpowering – A track that is playing in the background but yet so captivating you become silent to hear all notes.

The label and each piece is composed by Kris Ter-Ghazaryan, a former investment manager, working and living in Berlin today. Every earpiece, necklace and ring is crafted in a small workshop in the founders homeland Armenia. Details are key to Ter-Ghazaryan, both visually and ethnically – her pieces tell a story that go beyond the surface. Just like a song that brings more than just tones, but a warm feeling. And this is only the ouverture…

Rings shine with solid gold, pearls and diamonds

Iconic: The DIAMOND DROP EARRING by Ouverture

Laura Dunkelmann
Juni 24, 2021
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