My perfect match

I found the one, finally.
I know you’ve been seeing me with others and you’ve also heard me say those exact same words, but trust me, this time, it is for real and forever.
We matched online – I mean, it’s hard to meet in real life these days – and i was immediately attracted when I saw the pictures of this Italian beauty.
To be honest: at first, I thought this is maybe for a night or two. Never ever have I expected to spend my life with this one!
But, after a couple of evenings… it was time for daylight and also showing my friends and family my new found love. It was visible to everyone what a great match we are!
And we look so good together, I mean, that’s important, right?
I’d be heartbroke if I’d lost this new found love my mine, I can’t imagine a day without it anymore. I feel so beautiful, confident and just like myself – and isn’t that the best feeling? Who would let go of that? Exactly. I admit, sometimes I throw in a lil adventure – but I my heart belongs to this one.  I feel excited each day  we meet again.

Seriously, this is the perfect lipstick! Gucci Beauty’s „No More Orchids“ is a balmy, slightly rosy lipsticks that will make your heart melt and keeps your lips kissable.

[Idea + Execution]
Laura Dunkelmann
[Graphic support]
Juliane Kruschke
März 16, 2021
TUSH makeup
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