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Allies Of Skin Founder Nicolas Travis

Born in Singapore, skincare has always been something that has fascinated Nicolas Travis. After studying Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science, he founded his first skincare brand Allies of Skin in 2016, followed by a more affordable brand: PSA.

Biocompatible and highly effective, without irritants or fillers and packed with the most modern of ingredients, one can be sure that everything Travis puts out onto the market is of the highest standard and up-to-date technology, sold in more than 28 countries and beloved by the most picky beauty aficionados (including himself, of course). The 33-year-old’s brands are shaking up both our skincare routines and the beauty market.

We talked to Travis about ingredients, routines and innovation.

Allies Of Skin's iconic serums

What is the most common skincare myth everybody needs to forget asap?

That you should only wear SPF if you are going in the sun. SPF should be worn daily rain or shine. UV rays can penetrate windows so if you are working from home, wearing SPF indoors will help protect your skin from sun damage also.

And what is the most exciting skin care fact / hack you recently got to know and everybody needs to know?

Using Vitamin C AM + PM has been doing wonders for my skin. In the day, I use Allies of Skin’s 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum and at night, I use PSA’s GIFTED Acai & Sea Buckthorn Vitamin C Oil with my PM moisturiser. I especially like to layer Allies of Skin’s newest addition, the Peptides & Omegas Firming Eye Cream, with serums. You can customise it based on your skincare goals: – Layer a Vitamin C serum for extra firming actives before the Eye Cream. – Layer a Hyaluronic Acid serum (like our Multi Hyaluronic Antixodant Hydration Serum for a boost of hydration and antioxidants or PSA’s THE MOST Hyaluronic Super Nutrient Hydration Serum) for more moisture and to further soften fine lines. You can also use the Eye Cream on your lips, nasolabial fold, and marionette lines.


Natural vs science – what do you prefer and why?

 I am a big believer in both. Not everything natural is going to be good for you – like Poison Ivy. That’s from nature but it’s not something that you will want to put on your skin. Science or lab-derived ingredients are brilliant – think Vitamin C, Peptides, Retinoids, Antioxidants; these are all produced in the lab. In my opinion, the most efficacious formulas contain a mix of both natural ingredients like plant oils like Acai Oil and synthetic ingredients like Antioxidants and Peptides.

New to the Allies line: the firming eye cream

Which new technology or ingredient has the most potential and will be found in your current or future creations?

Our Waterless Vitamin C serums are one of our proudest developments. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and whenever you add water with Vitamin C, it starts to oxidise. It turns brown. Pure Vitamin C is clear. So, when a Vitamin C serum has turned brown, it means that it has oxidised. It’s like a sliced apple that has been left out, it turns brown and you wouldn’t eat it. Oxidised Vitamin C becomes a pro-oxidant (causes inflammation) instead of an antioxidant (reduces inflammation). Our waterless Vitamin C serums stay clear and potent for years to come.

How important is it to match different steps of skincare, e.g. cleanser + toner, serum + cream – especially in terms of ingredients… What’s your dream couple?

 I think of skincare like a meal – you want the most nutritious dishes at every meal for the best health. The same goes with skincare. You want to use the most nutrient-dense formulas with powerful actives that are supported by multiple supporting actives. I love Retinoids with Bakuchiol and Peptides, Vitamin C with Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione, Dioic Acid with Colloidal Silver, and Niacinamide with Ceramide.

What would be the one dream skincare product that has not been invented yet that you would want to make?

I would like to create a treatment formula that will help reduce stubborn pigmentation without any exfoliating acids. One that would brighten without disrupting the skin barrier so even very sensitive skin types can use.


Laura Dunkelmann
August 3, 2021
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