Twinkling Treats

Loni Baur adding white painted petals - Models before the show - Makeup artist Denise Grundmann beautifying faces

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – after seeing makeup artist Loni Baurs glimmering eye makeup at the Kaviar Gauche défilée in Paris, this message, once sung by Marilyn Monroe, feels revived.

The beauty look created by Loni Baur for Catrice cosmetics evokes a longing for gems and is a proof jewels are not for hands only.  And while Marilyn was more referring to gifts given by men, Loni Baur was presenting a self assured sparkle, effortlessly dusted around the eyes, playful, romantic, but not forced to perfection.
A cool romantic look, perfectly presented at the Hôtel Le Marois, a classic Parisian, Hausmann mansion with a lush 18th century interior. Inbetween opulent artworks and crystal chandeliers, the makeup could shine to its fullest.

While the collection is communicated as wedding wear, the glimmering dresses and strong satin pieces don’t need a chapel nor marriage moment – only a character to wear them and create their very own moment of love.
Be it with yourself only.
We took our Polaroid Originals camera backstage  to capture the magical moments before the show.

A glam location

„Florals are presents in all Kaviar Gauche collections  – so I played with the idea of nature, and how to use it in make-up“, Loni Baur explains. Two models wore white painted petals draped around eyes, in addition to a fine dust of silver glitter around the eyes that was the highlight of each models glimpse. Skin tone and lids were evened out and enhanced with the Nude Peony Pressed Pigment Palette and HD Baking & Setting Loose Powder by CATRICE.

Antonia Wesseloh moments before the show

„I turned make-up into an accessories, worn like a precious piece of jewellery“, tells Loni Baur.
Skin gets a natural a glow „Blush of excitement“, as Baur tells.

Luminice Highlight & Blush Glow Palette by Catrice is dusted along the cheeks, with the pinkier tone on temples,  shimmering nude on the cheekbones and the darkest shade to subtly sculpt.

Glam from head to toe
The line up at Kaviar Gauche

Final touch ups - Model Anastasia Ivanova and her look for the show

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Laura Dunkelmann using Polaroid Originals
September 29, 2019
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