We put a smell on you

We’re not suggesting a summer flirt here – nothing against it, but we’re now more into something long term.
Sure, it’s the season to fall in love, and it might feel like an affair at first – Still, we see potential for an eternal partnership.

We’ve found some sexy companions that’ll make you feel extra special. Each one is unique – of course, we don’t fall for stereotypes. They’ll bring out the best in you, let your personality shine and you’ll happily remember each moment you’ve shared.
They’ll accompany you in good and times and even tolerante it if you sometimes see someone else.
Too good to be true? Have a try.

Oh, we are talking about (unisex) perfumes by the way…

Oriental Leather, MEMO PARIS

Strong and sensual: „Oriental Leather“ will snatch you into a dark yet gold glistening world, with the warm sweetness of Patchouli and rough intensity of leather accords. Coriander seed oil deepens the sensation with a slightly earthy – not down to earth though – air. A mysterious yet majestic piece.

Sundazed, BYREDO

This is your beach babe – but the one that’s also cool post vacation. It’s breezy, thanks to citrus notes, cute through a cotton candy aroma and creamy with it’s musk infusion. A charming character.

Mémoire D'une Odeur, GUCCI

A posh Boho – wild, but groomed, luxe, but relaxed – truly a Gucci in a bottle. Roman chamomile evokes an organic, herbal air, accompanied by flirtatious, floral jasmine and grounded through a slightly spicy cedarwood. An italian adventure awaits.


Subtle at the first sight, but the longer you’re with it, the more stimulating it gets: Playing with contrasts – Prickly pinching pineapple, powerful pepper and velvety, gentle amber are in the mix – this is for you if you like surprises and unforeseeable twists.

Cipresso Di Toscana, ACQUA DI PARMA

Fresh out the shower, still a bit steamy and moist: Juicy orange, grassy sage and sylvan cypress create an aroma that redefines freshness, it’s clean, but not in an overly tidy way – more like a polished sandstone in the heat. Touchable, smellable, seducing.

Laura Dunkelmann
August 5, 2019
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