Welcome to Clownland

London based performer Cain displays his insanely brilliant clown persona - exclusively for TUSH.

Lip Cheat, Hot Gossip, CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Couture, No.02 Rouge Saint-Germain, YSL
Baume Essentiel, Pearlescent, CHANEL

Solar L'Huile Sublimatrice, DIOR




„In recent months I’ve noticed how much of a safety net the clown has given me in my sobriety (as I approach 4 years in November), I’ve found strength in being involved in nightlife whilst taking it with a pinch of salt and creating a tongue-in-cheek parody of the ‘fool’ I felt for so many years before going sober. 

I thought I’d lost my identity, spark and creativity in nightlife when I went sober, but really the plunge made me start to scratch the surface and crave a whole new purpose and direction.
Mimicking a clown-esque character; a persona with a blacked out gaze with the power to literally paint on emotion or a sense of consciousness really resonates with how I acted on the outside – and I felt on the inside for so long in my life. „ –  Cain

Matching his unique art and clown persona, Cain has also created the perfect stage:  ‘OUTHAUS is a club night and collective of queer artists, founded in London with a global presence.  Known for it’s highly visual immersive club nights, OUTHAUS‘ message is simple; express yourself and dance like everyone is watching.’

Eyes to Kill Eyeliner Longue Tenue, ARMANI BEAUTY

Photo  Nik Pate

Styling & Make-Up  Cain

Model Cain 

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