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AD + editor: Laura Dunkelmann
Photo: Lissy Gollnik 

Perfume by Louis Vuitton

Fresh cut grass, apple pie right out the oven, that old, heavy leather jacket, sun-dried, white, crisp cotton: Do you only see picture when reading these words? Do you also feel the textures? What for sure: You remember the smell.

The green, herbal juiciness of the grass, the bitter tartness of tanned leather, the soapy dryness of the fabric – The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, more than any of our other senses, therefore recalling an aroma often means also triggering a feeling. The leather jacket could have been your ex-partners, the cake came from your grandma’s kitchen – and this is what adds, or subtracts, sympathy towards a smell.
A photo of an ex can be burned easily (a cake too), but you can’t close your eyes from a scent.

So obviously, there is power in perfume. Not only to remember a pleasant event in the past, but also to create a beautiful present and future – It’s sends your mind onto a journey, one that you probably can’t take right now physically.

Sweet mandarin, lush peonies, creamy vanilla – found in Louis Vuitton’s exquisite perfume collection – might be already a reminder to a lovely vacation (and hopefully, not any ex), if not, it is about time to create your own story.

A delicate composition with warm vanilla and orange blossom: Contre Moi by Louis Vuitton

Set up a ritual that brings you joy, having dinner with a loved one, get a new bouquet of flowers each week, watch the sunset – and wear a special scent for it.

Louis Vuitton already composed their perfume with unique moments in mind, but those are free to reinterpreted with your individual point of view, and smell.
Each composition is one of kind, so you’ll encounter nothing else outside the Vuitton flacon that’ll trigger your brain like these Eaus.

Not only will the present feel more delightful, but whenever you’ll spray the chosen perfume in the future, you will be reminded to charming moments.

You’ll set up your own narrative, guiding your emotions into a delightful direction. Engage with your mindset and brain – in such poetic way that is only possible with perfume. So you can fill your head with beauty.

Soft peony and slightly bitter cacao powder are combined in Attrape-Rêve by Louis Vuitton

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