Models with white hair and silver stars in their faces

Bless My Solar


“Two lost travelers meet, one of whom has traveled far and wide across this planet. The planet Earth.”

A crashed plane, planets, and stars seemingly hurtling down from above. Oodles of glistening sand covered the Fall/Winter 2023 runway of Thom Browne’s startling interpretation of Antoine de Saint Exupery’s „Le Petit Prince“. Browne, whose storytelling has proven particularly witty in recent seasons, presented a whimsical ode to adulthood and perception. True to the spirit of the tale, models paced as featured characters; the pilot, the little prince, the vain rose, the planets and animals, and hurried adults wielding ticking clocks.

The elephant | via Instagram @tombrowne

The roses | via instagram @thombrowne

Browne’s reiteration was not lacking in symbolism; alongside inflated proportions and an emphasis on clean tailoring, makeup prodigy Isamaya Ffrench branched out to metallic specks and lines of rich silvers and golds. While „monotonous adults“ wore birdcage nets, suggesting their constrained perspective, the planets‘ white, airbrushed base insinuated purity. Bedazzled brows, vibrant blushes, and fluid pearlescent glass skin; partnered with MAC Cosmetics, Ffrench achieved a rather sharp and elongated look for Fox and Snake. The juvenile spin that accompanies these beauty looks, is no fluke. Granted, one could quibble about their fitness for everyday use, anti-beauty countermovements, and the increasingly frequent exclusion of full glam looks, suggest otherwise. As for the twisted, turned, and intricately braided manes, hair stylist James Pecis delivered ginormous sculpture-resembling styles with loads of bracing by Oribe.

Woman with blonde hair and a golden silver suit
Woman wearing a constructed fashion piece
The little prince and pilot | via Instagram @thombrowne
Models wearing long dresses with stars on it
Models wearing long dresses with stars on it
The planets | via Instagram @thombrowne
Afra Ugurlu
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via @isamayaffrench
James Pecis
Februar 17, 2023
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