CALVIN KLEIN debuts 2022 Pride Collection – 'This is Love'

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The month dedicated to sexual and gender minorities has begun, that being said; This Pride is all about chosen bonds and deep affinity, found within those dearest to our hearts.

While 2022 Pride collections start to unveil, Calvin Klein has permeated once again with a heartfelt campaign on this year’s celebration. Whereat, the brand intends to emphasize the links and allies formed through ‚chosen families‘ that the LGBTQIA+ community has spawned. The campaign debuts CK’s most recent venture namely its, ‚This is Love’ collection, which taps into the colors of the Progress Pride Flag and spans apparel, activewear, and how else could it be; happy-go-lucky underwear that just makes us want to stay in and snuggle our close ones. Progress Pride Flag colored woven labels are attached to each item, indicating each color’s meaning; Black for Beauty; Brown for Power; Pink for Sex; Orange for Healing; Yellow for Sunlight; Tan for Harmony; White for Nonbinary; Turquoise for Magic; Blue for Serenity.

Shop the collection in all its minutiae on

Filmmaker John Waters with best friend Mink Stole

John Waters
Hairstylist Hollie Smith and Pony

Lensed by Brooklyn-based photograher John Edmonds through soul-stirring and intimate shots resembling those of a scrap book, CK manages to show genuine backing of the LGBTQIA+ community by leaning on boundary-crossing gender expression. The campaign cast is made up of LGBTQIA+ trailblazers and entertainers (not that we expected otherwise) – e.g. iconic ballroom house House of Xtravaganza, hairstylist Holli Smith and her fiancé Pony, filmmaker John Waters, as well as employees of The Trevor Project; a non-profit organization dedicated to suicide prevention, specially catered to LGBTQIA+ youth.

For more information on organizations supported by Calvin Klein and this year’s campaign, visit

John Edmonds
Alima Lee
Afra Ugurlu
Juni 16, 2022
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