Each to their Owens

Rick Owens celebrated simplicity in make-up and fashion for his fall/winter 2023/24 collection

„Simplicity is the most elegant thing I can think of,” states American designer Rick Owens backstage at his fall/winter 2023.
Don’t mistake simplicity with easy however – it is the purest form of artistry, where material, shape and color are so well picked that excitement is created through the very essence of beauty.

Make-up artist Daniel Sallstorm composed a look with MAC Cosmetics that reflects this simplicity: Blacked eyeballs with invisible brows or rhombus-shaped chalky matte shadow with hyper even skin and pale lips that gave a spiritual aura, between medieval individuals and future souls.

Duffy completed the vision with unmovable hair constructions that reminded us of pyramids, graceful, complete and of course: Simple.

Rick Owens is always a highlight of Paris Fashion Week with his overwhelming deconstructed darkness. But this season the usual burned, overconstructed, ripped and overly draped silhouettes experience the same reduction we saw nearly everywhere during fashion month. With recession core dragging some collections into boredom, Rick still excites us in his simplest form – and maybe his best, too. Inflated miniskirts or donut shaped sequins dresses made from matte sequins in lime green, art deco pink, and bordeaux. Lots of black, recycled cashmere, indigo denim shredded by lasers… the materials feel humble (yes even the sequins) – yet with extraordinary effects and well constructed shapes still very exquisit.

Although times change, markets crumble and customer generations shift – Rick stays.

Rick Owens backstage in Paris

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