Modesty, humbleness, sweetness, even chasteness – that’s the new way to be different.
Born to be mild.
Booming hashtags like #honeycore, #cottagecore or #grandmacore show a rural, innocent life, sweet and warm like freshly baked apple pie. High in morals, low in metal (it’s not the core we know from hard).
Lots of nature, lots of cute girls and sheep.
Aesthetics captured through a buttered lens, so idyllic it feels like pastry with a satire cherry on top.

#bonnetcore a more detailed tag – referring to the 18th century women’s headdresses that are still popular among  nuns and newborns, is gaining popularity in funky fashion accounts too.
Innocence has to be extreme – or is being innocent considered above the ordinary?

Once, there was only hardcore. Through this word, core has been introduced to us – strong, intense, tough. In music, life, love. Being the essence, the base, the most pure form was needed as an add-on to make clear: This is for those who dare to go, see, hear extreme.

Today, hardcore, as a hashtag, is even banned on Instagram.
Though sugar coated Victoria’s Angel sexy is absolutely acceptable and overly present in the social network.

And now victorian angelic aesthetics are on the rise.

Music, life, love are intense, in tv, web and social media.
Visual boundaries have been shifted. Each scroll, each stroll revealing another extreme.
Super softness is a stopper.

With reduced time to observe, listen, read, it’s clear everything has to offer the essence at one glance – in order to be perceived immediately.
So fluffy has be core, too – soft has never been this hard.




Laura Dunkelmann
Max Hoell
[Model ]
Aline Weber
[Make-up ]
Caitlin Wooters
[Styling ]
Lotte Elisa Agulló-Collins
[Hair ]
Lukas Tralmer
August 9, 2019
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