Luxury comes natrual

Sure, the packaging of Kjaer Weis’ eyeshadows, lipsticks, powders and oils is stunning: The silver compacts and tubes appear extremely streamlined and bold with the elegant white enamel KW logo. Almost too cool to touch, the mirroring Kjaers could easily be the diva of your vanity table. But there’s more than a shiny case – inner values count just as much.
These refillable products are made with certified organic or natural ingredients, created not only to beautify the outside but also to work from the inside. Keeping the skin – and environment – healthy is one of Kirsten Kjaer Weis’, the label founder, goals.

Although consumers getting more conscious and aware regarding ingredients, combing this eco approach with an ultra luxurious look is still unique. And was even more extraordinary when the label launched about six years ago.

It’s obvious that Danish born Kirsten is far from being a diva – the nature loving, NYC resident is a visionary. That’s why we not only got in touch with her products but also herself.

The iconic, refillable Lip Tint in Bliss Ful.

Laura Dunkelmann/TUSH: What is your vision with our brand?

Kirsten Kjaer Weis: My vision is to have Kjaer Weis become a global brand that influences women around the world, allowing them an alternative to what is currently on the market. We are going to keep expanding the line across color, skincare, and potentially lifestyle.

LD: What has surprised you most when you created the label?

KKW: I think the biggest challenge is to create makeup solely from raw, natural materials and have it be the same level as a conventional. In conventional, synthetics make the production process a lot easier. The way we do it is time-consuming and you can’t take your eye off of it. It has to be a passion because you spend all your time perfecting every little detail, which can be surprising when first starting a brand. I’m so lucky that I now have an amazing team.

LD: How do you see the next generation of makeup?

I see it moving more and more in the direction of natural and clean. Maybe not all the way to certified organic but there will probably be more brands in the natural space. There might be different levels of purity but there is definitely going to be a tipping point towards steering away from true conventional. I feel like it will be the new norm in the industry.

I see beauty moving toward a more holistic approach with larger emphasis on beauty inside out. I think there is going to be a larger awareness in terms of tying it all together with food, lifestyle, skincare, and makeup as well.

LD: What do you want to keep from the past – and what would you like to reinvent?

From the past, I would like to keep performance, texture and color payoff. I would like to reinvent just that, high performing products that are rich in color but also non-toxic and sustainable.

For more infos and product click Kjaer Weis

Laura Dunkelmann
Januar 21, 2019
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