Paris Fashion Week F/W 19/20:

Manish Arora

From Burning Man to Mad Max’ Thunderdome, the Manish Arora girls provide a new style guide for fashion survivalists. Holisticism and spirituality haunted the show, which took place in an American Cathedral located on the very bourgeois Avenue George V. How funny. How clever. The whole collection is painted as a neo tribal procession with a high dose of styling (The masks! The mohawks! The luminescent bags!) and psychedelic beading work. Of course there is bit of everything in this OTT vision, including Art Deco tassels for modern type flappers. The heart shaped pattern, as symbol of love -whatever if on LSD or not- becomes the house signature, almost like a logo. Thank you Mr Arora for your happy Armageddon.

Laurent Dombrowicz
[Backstage Pictures]
Benjamin Lozovsky
[Runway Pictures]
März 1, 2019
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