Haute couture is about exception and perfection. For its first ever Paris couture report, TUSH asked the one and only Miss Fame to capture her front row feelings during the most exclusive fashion shows of the circuit. Here like everywhere else, expert eyes (with the right amount of mascara) are very welcome!


Alexandre Vauthier

I arrived early and had to wait out front with a few guests. We were wearing open “sexy” style dresses by the designer which were a bit much for the frigid climate outside. Once inside the Grand Palais, the press was set to receive the collection, myself included. The environment was open plan with simple seating. Once the show began, I was impressed with the sparkle. The oversized sleeves of a blouse, the easy to wear pallet & freshness of the models. This show felt very appropriate for the woman who enjoys feeling Glamour at any party. Personally it felt a bit safe for my style but I did appreciate the glimmer.



Arriving on time, the press was hot and ready at this early morning show. The location being the Opera Garnier, the environment suited the audience and the collection. The mood was right while feature flowers, feathers, fabulous shapes and textures. Aligned with my minds eye of what to be anticipate when it comes to haute couture. It felt like old meets new and made me excited to one day wear these pieces.


Iris Van Herpen

My most brilliant look I have probably ever worn. This is not a garment but a sculpture! I had a quick change between shows utilizing the men’s restroom at the Opera Garnier before quickly rushing to the Iris Van Herpen show. The drama continued once the show began. The environment wasn’t the focus but the mood she created was. Her pieces are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, like sheets of paper flowing in the wind. It’s ethereal and you are highly aware while wearing and witnessing her creations. The close of the show was magic, a layer of fog enters the room, the lighting changes and then the dresses illuminate! It could be another planet or the deepest parts of our ocean. A dream to experience and I don’t want to wake up.


Gaultier Paris

The Essence of Paris! Jean-Paul Gaultier is the master of Haute Couture. Upon arrival, the press was equally as enthusiastic, frantically fanatical. It was the most intense entrance of any show. The front row was filled with Parisian royalty, the buzz was real and I could understand why. As the show opens, it seemed like a film in my mind, a clip from a time when supermodels ruled the world. Jean-Paul’s joy is felt through every detail & through every relationship in that room. I loved experiencing his artistry first hand. It left an impression of brilliance on my heart. Also I really enjoyed the looks which were very Gaultier, the fins on the shoulders and the hats were genius. Not to mention the dresses which made me feel alive. Of course there was the connection to the sea as heard through his choice of music for the girls to showcase to. Skirts with cages, solid monochromatic looks and an abundance of fabric. This was the show to see for me.


Viktor & Rolf

After a quick change, I simple walked across the street to the next and last show on my schedule. I heard a few insights buzzing around the room about a return to a more Haute Couture approach to the house. The room was dark and dramatized with spot lighting within the haze. Once the show started, we were all revealed. So were the garments. Bold “BOOM” statements entered the room to a scale I hadn’t yet seen. Models wore minimal makeup with extended Rapunzel style hair. Every dress, layers and layers of tool fabric. So massive with giant statements, very appropriate for millennial culture. Of course Instagram caught on as I felt the message was read loud and clear, this meme worthy collection set the internet a blaze. Although I would lose my waistline within the pieces, it would spare me for saying what I may be feeling.


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Januar 29, 2019
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