Mystery Aboard – In conversation with Mathilde Ollivier

Mathilde Ollivier trägt schwarzes Kleid und rote Lippen

Mathilde Ollivier at Funkhaus Berlin via Instagram | @ollivier_mathilde

Seldom have we met someone as amiable and peppy as Mathilde Ollivier. The 28-year-old actress welcomes us with a bottle of champagne and an abundant smile, „It’s so lovely to meet you“. It was, indeed.

The scope of Mathilde’s work conforms to exceptional women who are somewhat constrained in one way or the other. Alongside action, and drama, Mathilde has also been entangled as one of the leading roles in Netflix’s new mystery series ‚1899‘Albeit the creator’s previous venture ‚Dark‘ set the bar extortionately high, ‚1899‘ very quickly cemented itself as a viewer favorite. Dissident female characters are just a few of the endeavors she’s been gaining momentum for. As one medium alone is just plain scanty, the French-born actress flips the script to storytelling. It came to no surprise, she produced ‚The Upright Woman’ – a heartfelt documentary on the political plight of West African women. Charmed we know of this project, she goes on to speak about her mission to demystify and ensure a morally just narrative, throughout.

Though Ollivier’s nuanced portfolio of honest diegesis is just as enticing as her subtly melodic French accent, she reveals that she’s been quite nervous. No shock there, it’s not every day you star in a Netflix series that ranks as most-watched, barely a week after release. Being at the intersection of psycho-thriller and sci-fi, mystery, Mathilde stars as newly wedded Clémence who just like 1,500 other European migrants, finds herself on a steamship set on a course to America. ‘People being imprisoned by their mind’s restriction’ seems to be a facilitated interpretation of ‚1899’; the series explores the nature of an unknown force and the passengers‘ fight to regain control of their lives. Just hours before ‘1899’, premiered at Funkhaus Berlin, TUSH sat down with Mathilde, to chat about the roles she’s drawn to, inspirations, and more.

Mann mit Locken umarmt Mathilde Ollivier

Mathilde with co-star Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen via Instagram | @lucaslynggaardtonnesen


TUSH: Have you ever looked up yourself on the Internet? 

Mathilde: I actually have when I first started. I wouldn’t do it again though… the internet can be a weird place sometimes!

TUSH: The three most commonly used words that came up to describe you are; actress, model, and producer. You’re a multidisciplinary creative, which of these do you feel most in tune with?

Mathilde: Definitely Actress, but there are so many facets to the job. You’re wearing many hats in a way, and storytelling is one of them. There are roles that carry a lot of weight, purely because of the fact that they bear greater meaning to the audience. For instance, the role I’m portraying in 1899, is this woman who’s looking for her freedom after being forced to marry someone that she doesn’t love. I feel like storytelling isn’t limited to acting only, but I identify the most with that title.

TUSH: What do you look for in a role, and is it these roles of women that speak to you the most?

Mathilde: Yes, a hundred percent! I come from a family of only girls; I was raised by my grandmother and my mom, and I have a little sister. Being surrounded by these female influences and seeing how hard they have worked is definitely a source of inspiration. We’re not all the same just because we’re women, but each of us has something to say. I love authenticity and bringing real stories across as well as I can, I don’t necessarily feel the need to portray a ‘strong’ woman. Characters with proper development intrigue me the most, it’s like there’s a bigger message just waiting to be uncovered. I’d also like to do something contemporary at some point. Again, doesn’t have to be a badass, doesn’t have to be someone very strong, but someone with a beautiful evolution, something to be remembered.

TUSH: When do you feel most beautiful?

Mathilde: Definitely when I’m around people that I love. And people that love and care for me too. There’s just something so nurturing about someone’s love. And besides, what’s more, beautiful than sharing love?

TUSH: Which fictional Disney character do you relate to the most and why?

Mathilde: This is so random, but I guess the girl from Toy Story, you know the Cow Girl? I feel like she’s girly in a sense but doesn’t shy away from her masculine side either. She doesn’t really give a shit, and that’s my vibe at the moment. Letting go isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally, but it does make you a lot happier.

Polaroid-Bild von Mathilde Ollivier und zwei Männern
Polaroid-Bild von Mathilde Ollivier und zwei Männern
Mathilde with '1899' director Baran bo Odar and co-star Jonas Bloquet via Instagram | @jonasbloquet
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